Ha Mai Zine Box Set

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Ha Mai Zine Box Set
9 x 12 x 2.25
Signed and numbered edition of 10

Box set includes:

1) Anus - A zine dedicated to the often ridiculed and looked down upon human anus.

2) Anus Button Pack - Represent the anus somewhere else on your body, besides your actual anus.

3) My Idiot Left Hand - A three set series of zines that was originally released in 2008, now reprinted in 2016 along with an all new 3rd and final issue.

4) @HaHaHaMai - A zine parodying the outrageous needs of social media approval and acceptance.

5) Okay, Okay…Now Go the Fuck Away - A collection of poems, brewed from my very thoughts.

6) Bear Mai - A zine dedicated to my beloved corgi-mutt dog, Bear Mai. RIP 1993 - 2011.

7) Life with my Cars - A zine dedicated to my mechanical extensions, my cars.

8) Grease Face - A comic based off how I feel sometimes.

9) These Comix Fuck/n Suck - Comics brewed from my every day life.

10) Random Photos (2002 - 2016) - A collection of photos from when I was 20 to 34 years old.

11) The Fuck You Clip Art Zine - A clip art zine full of FUCK YOU’S

12) The Fuck You Big Business Button Set - Rep your hatred (or loyalty) of big brand business

13) Fuck You Man T-shirt - Rep FUCK YOU in a super-heroic (and super limited) way.